Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ROR writers raring to go!

Mt Tibrogargen, Glass House Mountains, Queensland.

I just booked the house at Montville, in the Glass House Mountains, where we'll be having our ROR Retreat this year.

Not only will we have wonderful views and no interruptions from family and work, but Dirk will be doing the cooking. So we'll be having a feast for the senses in every way. Because in between, eating and drinking and enjoying the ambiance, we'll be critiquing a total of 7 manuscripts.

It will be intense, with a lot of preparation beforehand, reading and writing reports. I must be a real writing nerd because there is nothing I enjoy more than analysing a good book in depth, while trying to make it even better.

Roll on ROR 2009!

Cheers, Rowena


Flinthart said...

If you or Marianne can arrange to bring a decent stock-pot -- anything of 10 litres or larger -- I can add a few nifty things to the menu this year. My Chilled Prawn and Avocado Soup is pretty seriously amazing...

Rowena Cory Daniells said...

One stock pot coming up!