Saturday, January 31, 2009

nearly finished!


At last! I've nearly finished all the material for my writing tips website - it'll be done by tomorrow, all 143 pages of it! I don't know exactly what happened, I started working on it 3 months ago and somehow it just grew and grew. A helpful resource for intending writers turned into a vast compendium. These last few days, it's been almost like finishing off a novel. (3 months! I could've written a short novel in that time … but, like Everest, once it was there, it had to be done.)

My brain is now completely drained of EVERYTHING I ever thought about writing. I'll have to start thinking about it all again in 5 weeks time, because it's what I've sent out for our ROR critiquing retreat. I thought it would make a bit of variety to throw in among all the narrative MSS.

In the meanwhile, I've put up about two-thirds of it on my author's website at
under the Writing Tips button.

It needs graphics and piccies before it goes up on the writingtips website proper.

I wonder if we should invite Flinthart junior along to the retreat? The lad shows talent!


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Xenith said...

I’m not the person to give tips on this. Some other source of advice needed!

Pity. I could use some tips on (un)likable characters right now. I think my current MC isn't somewhere I'd personally care to read about :)

Other than that, it looks like you've got a really useful site in the making there. I (used to) spend far too much time on lists & forums jumping up and down about bad advice. It's nice to see something else being offered.