Saturday, February 28, 2009



We've all fallen so quiet - must be that desperate rush to get MSS read in time for the retreat.

I flew back from Melbourne three days ago, and I'll be flying up to Brisbane in a week. I always wanted to be a jetsetter! I hope everyone has the necessary cooking utensils for Dirk to do the cooking. I'm salivating already.

The Melbourne trip was great - being taken round bookshops by the Allen & Unwin reps and talking to bookbuyers who'd mostly read their reading copies of WORLDSHAKER already. A & U reps have a very special relationship with bookshops and bookbuyers - in fact, I'm beginning to realise more and more that they're a very special publishing house altogether! And I can honestly say that the reports on WORLDSHAKER were glowing - I mean, really glowing.

I'm still floating on a cloud - also because of a few other developments that came up in Melbourne. But my lips are sealed. Well, actually, my lips aren't very sealed at all, but I've got better control over my typing fingers.

It's warm and humid as I sit here typing this, but nothing like Queensland will be. I'll probably turn into jelly - a bloated sort of jelly, with all the delicious food.



Rowena Cory Daniells said...

Look forward to hearing all the news, when we catch up at ROR, Richard!

TansyRR said...

eeeee I want the gossip!

you are a tease and a knave, sir Richard :D