Saturday, February 21, 2009

exciting times, desperate times


Back again! Only a couple of weeks until I fly up to Brisbane for the ROR retreat. Not that the retreat is in Brisbane, but in a HIGHLY SECRET location - I don't even dare to think about it in case the paparazzi find out. I'll be up a couple of days in advance, visiting Michelle and Greg, Chris and Rebecca, along with new granddaughter.

That'll be my second interstate plane flight, because this coming week I'm off to Melbourne. Firstly. to talk with a film director who's interested in making a movie of Worldshaker (shush!), also to be introduced around Melbourne bookshops by the Allen & Unwin sales reps, and lastly to talk about sequel possibilities with my publisher at A & U.

I should be looking forward to it - I have been looking forward to it - but last night my printer went on the blink. I've spent half the day trying to sort it out with the Clean Heads command, the Deep Clean Heads command, and a million other commands and tests besides. Nothing works. So my plans for Monday are all thrown out - I'll have to rush around looking for a new colour printer, so that I can print out (and laminate) various bits of stuff I need for Melbourne.

Inspiration? Who has time for inspiration? Ah, if only I could hear the sweet music of a printer click-clicking out a perfectly printed page, I could maybe feel inspired.

Meanwhile, I've been reading the mss for the ROR retreat - Marianne's, Trent's, Rowena's and Tansy's. Just a couple left to go. What a talented lot they all are!


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Rowena Cory Daniells said...

It was the worst of times, it was the best of times ...

Good luck with World Shaker and the film director.

Have you tried putting the things you want printed in colour onto a CD and taking it up to your local colour photocopy place? They can print from CD and you can get them laminated which makes for nice presentation.