Friday, October 30, 2009

VICAR OF MORBING VYLE as free download

Hi Edwina!

I'm very interested to hear your experience of turning a short story into a novel. I was going to be on a panel for that topic at Conflux, except that the panel got cancelled. Not because I've ever turned a short story into a novel in the past, but because I'm planning to do so. In fact, I've written the first 12k words, but it's a huge project and will take many years - and in the meanwhile, it's more urgent to write LIBERATOR, the sequel to WORLDSHAKER. But what I seemed to find in the writing and planning is that the novel keeps leaving the short story further and further behind. I hope this is a good thing(?)

I've been letting people know that my famous/notorious cult novel, THE VICAR OF MORBING VYLE, is now available as a free download. From responses since the day before yesterday (when it went up), a lot of people have been wanting to get hold of this book for a very long time (it was published in 1993 and has been out of print for probably 10 years.) It's bizarre, comic-macabre, gothic fantasy ... or something like that.


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