Wednesday, October 7, 2009

starting the sequel to Worldshaker!

Since covers are on show, here's the cover for the US edition of WORLDSHAKER, which came through just a couple of days ago.

Meanwhile, I started on the sequel to WORLDSHAKER just yesterday. Yes, I started on an earlier version a little while ago - but the new plan, now under contract, isn't for the bridging volume of a trilogy but a single super-huge sequel - the conclusion of a duology.

If you're interested in the blood, sweat and tears of starting out on a new novel (you sadist/masochist, you!), I'm keeping a day by day blog as author in residence for a month on the insideadog website, at

Not much blood yet, the first two days have gone well. But who knows what lies ahead!

The day I started work on the sequel (which is still titled LIBERATOR) was the day after I got back from the Confluix SF/fantasy convention in Canberra. I had a ball, especially as MC for the event. In the opening ceremony, I was attacked by a 10-foot tall silvery lobster-like alien - photo attached! (this was after I'd fainted and recoverred, of course. The alien really was 10-feet tall, a costume with stilts.



Rowena Cory Daniells said...

Go Richard!

The US cover looks great. And I sympathise with you starting on the sequel. At least your world is built.

I'm int he throes of creating a new world for a new series.

TansyRR said...

Congratulations, Richard.

Now, mush, mush!