Thursday, January 14, 2010

Trent won't blow his own trumpet, so I will!

Back in March at our 2009 ROR, we were all on tenterhooks. It was the weekend that the editor was taking Trent's book, Death Most Definite, to the acquisitions meeting. Well, as you can see from the cover, they bought the book and a further two. So we are all terribly pleased and proud.

The cover is up on the Orbit site, here's the link.

Trent's series is a dark urban fantasy with a difference, set in Brisbane. It's quirky, funny and yet poignant, and it will carry you away. Go Trent!


Trent Jamieson said...

Thanks, Rowena,

Oddly enough I used to play the trumpet, wasn't that great at it.

I've been quiet, getting book two ready, but will be a little louder from now on.


Rowena Cory Daniells said...

Trumpet. Ah, the things parents will put up with!

Love the cover, Trent. I think it suits the book.