Thursday, January 21, 2010

Aurealis Awards, here I come ...

This is me with Jack Dann at the Aurealis Awards last year (January 1009).

I had to present one of the categories, which I've done before, butI'm always a little nervous because I don't want to get anything wrong. One year I opened the winner's envelope and it was two people as joint winners. The way it was laid out I couldn't tell which first name went with which last name and I have a terrible moment, where I had to madly scramble to remember the five short listed authors and put the names together.

Last year Richard won an award. When he'd asked me to give his acceptance speech, he told me he was 99% sure he wouldn't win, so I wasn't mentally prepared but I bumbled through. Richard's speech won a few laughs.

This time Tansy has asked me to do her acceptance speech if she wins in the fantasy short story section, so I'm prepared. Siren Beat from Twelfth Planet Press.

The Aurealis Awards are a chance for everyone in the Spec Fic world to put on their glad rags, quaff champagne and mingle. Kudos to the Fantastic Queensland team for the great job they've done organising the award these last five years. And congratulations to all the short listed authors and their editors.


TansyRR said...

I spent last year's awards paralysed with fear because I had no idea how shiny and stagey the whole thing was and I got there and people were so frocked up and there were microphones and I hadn't even pre-written an acceptance speech!

Worse, everyone started their acceptance speech with 'I totally didn't think I'd win so I didn't write a speech' so I couldn't use that!

Have never been so relieved for Simon Brown to win an award in my life!

This year at least I don't have to be afraid to win, cos of being comfortably at home. You (and Ben, who has my other speech) can be nervous for me!

Rowena Cory Daniells said...

I know. It is so glossy, it's scary.

You get up there under that spot light and your mind turns to jelly. And all I had to do was deliver an award, or read Richard's acceptance speech!

They'll be tweeting the winners as they happen, so listen in.