Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Glenda, I hate you! How can you write 50,000 words in a month as normal everyday practice? And 2,000 words per day! I NEVER get up to 2,000 words a day. Well, OK, maybe once or twice, but only near the end of a novel where it's almost spinning itself out.

I've just been feeling very pleased with myself for completing the first 30,000 words of LIBERATOR (sequel to WORLDSHAKER) in TWO months. For me, that's really really good - testimony to the fact that it's flowing along without a hiccup. But compared to you, I'm on permanent hiccups!

I'm still waiting for that invention of an electronic device that scans pictures and story in my brain and converts them instantly into perfect words on the page. Will the intending inventor please hurry up and invent it?



Satima Flavell said...

Green with envy, me. I'm more like the over-60s who look for keys and end up feeding - or not feeding - the cat.

glenda larke said...

*Glenda gives evil laugh in Richard's direction.*

Seriously, output has declined with age. It is balanced against being a better writer, especially when it comes to the re-writes. However, I don't regard 50,000 words a month as normal any more...sigh. The mad thing is that this last trilogy is big. It's a larger story and needs more words to tell, just when I find it harder.

From now on, I'm going to write novellas. Just let me get this 180,000 monster out of the way first...

Oh, help, when was that deadline again?

Rowena Cory Daniells said...


180K? I'd try to split that into two books.

glenda larke said...

It's book 3 of the trilogy! the other two were that length.

To tell you the absolute truth, I never have the slightest idea of what the length is going to be until I get there...

Rowena Cory Daniells said...

How long is a piece of string?

As long as it needs to be.

You know there are writers you aren't giving people closure. Look at George RR Martin.