Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hi Lynne!

Hi Lynne! Good to hear your thoughts on anthology publication. I think anyone who edits anthologies is the salt of the earth. No, the salt of the salt of the earth! So much hard work to bring other people's stories to general attention, while the anthologist herself fades into the background.

I was especially impressed by your decision to open the anthologies to all-comers - in the full realisation that that would mean a huge amount of time spent reading poor-to-average fiction. What a thing to subject your brain to! But you did it in the hope of finding the rare unexpected gem, the unpublished author who deserved publication, the story that might otherwise lie forever forgotten. There must be a tremendous inner satisfaction in the feeling that, yes, I helped unearth a real talent, I helped create that success. Like making the universe a slightly fairer place - you made it happen!

More power to you, I say! Three cheers, and three hundred more!



Lynne Jamneck said...
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Lynne Jamneck said...

:D Hi Richard,

My brain WAS pretty mushy after all that! Especially since a lot of people sent me stories that were only SF in the sense that they got the date wrong on their manuscripts...

There's only one story in the anthology from (at the time) a newcomer but it was completely worth slogging through the mush to find it. That story ("Mind Games") was picked out to appear in The Year's Best Lesbian Fiction 2008, so that was really satisfying to get that bit of news!

(ps: atrocious spelling made me remove my first comment. Ahem.)

Rowena Cory Daniells said...

I can't remember now, I've been reading so many blogs and article, but someone was saying the publication of anthologies is more the realm of Independent Presses now, rather than major publishers.

The Indies can take more risks on new writers and themed anthologies.