Thursday, March 19, 2009

ROR 2009

Photos taken on my phone, so they are a little grainy.

All we've done is rave about the food at ROR. So here is proof that people do some work. Here is Tansy writing book 2 of Creature Court.

More naked youths falling from the sky, I say!

And here we are preparing food while Dirk tells us what to do.

I'm 40 pages into a rewrite of the beginning of my book, thanks to the power of critiquing. Maxine did an 'invented noun' word search of the first 10 pages of everyone's manuscript and discovered I was the worst offender for overloading the reader with invented words. Sigh. I am trying to redress this.

It is good to be back home, mind you, the food was better at ROR!


Alisa said...

Love those cow print couches!!!

Looks like y'all got nicely taken care of by DF!

Anonymous said...

It's funny, I've known Tansy for over a year, but it's not until now that I know what she looks like. (If you don't count that one pic that was taken right after little R was born FOUR YEARS AGO.)

Sounds like you had a great time at ROR, I am definitely thinking about doing something similar myself.


TansyRR said...

This is definitely up to date pics of me! Only I have become rounder in the last week. So it's not just Dirk's cooking responsible for growing belly...